The Science And How It Works

To understand how penis enlargement works, first you’ve got to understand how erections work.

And the first step in erections is the trigger.

Erections are triggered by the brain by response to certain stimuli – like seeing a beautiful woman or when things are getting heated in the bedroom.

When this happens your brain sends a signal to your penis to start storing blood.

What quickly happens then is that as blood is pumped into the penis much of it is stopped from exiting the penis.

Since blood is being pumped in, but less is being let out the overall amount of the blood in the penis increases.

And as the blood in the penis increases it expands and the pressure increases to make the penis hard.

This is what creates an erection.

What Happens Inside The Penis

During the erection process blood is stored in 3 chambers as shown in the picture above; two of these chambers are known as the Corpora Cavernosa and one is called the Corpus Spongiosum.

This part is important…

The size of your penis is determined by how much blood these chambers can hold.

The more blood they can hold the larger your penis will be.

Therefore, if you want to increase the size of your penis all you need to is increase how much blood these chambers can hold.

And the way to do this is by performing specific targetted exercises to increase the blood capacity of these chambers.

In The Size System we teach these exact exercises.

We teach techniques and exercises that increase the capacity of these chambers so that you can increase your length and girth (circumference around penis), correct unwanted curvature and increase the physical attractiveness of your penis.

This is the science of penis enlargement.

By increasing the capacity of the blood chambers of your penis you can increase your overall penis size.

The more you increase this capacity, the greater your penis size will increase.

Realistic Expectations

Since you’re increasing the capacity of the blood chambers in your penis this isn’t an overnight process like some other vendors may lead you to believe.

However, if you use our exercise correctly and consistently it is possible to see noticeable size gains.

Think of it like building muscle.

Although penis enlargement is not the same as regular muscle growth – some of the concepts do overlap, such as

With regular training you can see consistent growth.

You won’t wake up the next morning with a penis that’s twice as large, however, if you perform the short daily exercises growth can happen quicker than you’d expect.

And by the way, the exercises we teach take much less time and effort to complete than building muscle.

If you’re not the type who likes to go to the gym, workout or puts on muscle easily… don’t worry.

The exercises we teach are very easy to carry out.

All it takes on your part is a very small time commitment each day.

And we also include more advanced exercises for those looking to make specific growth changes such as length only, girth only, curvature correction, etc.

The choice is up to you, but to see results it takes very little effort.

The Long-Term Effects

In terms of injuries or physical side-effects, the best analogy is to compare it to physical exercise.

With any form of physical exercise there is a always a risk of injury, however, that risk is severely reduce when you follow the instructions correctly.

Now of course this doesn’t mean we can take responsibility for what anyone else does with our exercises, because like with any program involving physical exercise, the responsibility always lies on the individual carrying out the program and we always recommend consulting a doctor before engaging in any new form of exercise.

Our point here is that this is very different compared to some alternative penis enlargement solutions such as medication and surgery.

With medication we found that there can be side-effects such as drowsiness, loss of sex drive and many others depending on which particular medication is take.

Since the exercises we teach are 100% natural you are not changing your body’s biochemistry, you are therefore not susceptible to these kind of side-effects.

Similarly with surgery we came across some very scary stories about the long-term consequences.

For example, one surgery option is to have fat cells added to certain parts of the penis to increase its size, however, we discovered that the fat cells can become dislodged and join together to form disfiguring lumps on the penis… which is not a pretty picture.

Once again, whilst we must be clear that it’s the user of the exercises that’s fully responsible for what happens, since the exercises we teach are all natural, if you perform the exercises correctly there is very little chance of seeing negative side-effects with this program. 

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